Residents of Pleasant Valley enjoy beautiful surroundings and opportunities to explore Johnson Creek watershed and other natural areas – all within easy reach of urban amenities and services.

Within the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association, you can get involved:

• Offer to serve on the Board – positions are open

• Become aware of, and respond to land use decisions and future development

• Provide input on Neighborhood safety and area transportation issues

• Promote protection of watershed, natural areas and green space

• Get to know and collaborate with your neighbors on issues impacting the Neighborhood



Oct 12, 2015

We are asking for your ideas and suggestions for the best way to connect with a MUCH larger proportion of our neighbors. Understanding your needs means we can create better ways to quickly get you the information, resources and effective solutions you need to resolve your concerns. Our local school district students speak more than 50 languages and represent more than 65 different ethnic and cultural groups. So our question is why have we not made connection with more of our neighbors?